Feel confident and spin like a pro with the perfect indoor cycling
guide for beginners!

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    Trying new things can be intimidating, which is why I've created this beginner's guide to set your mind at ease and get the most out of your first indoor cycling class.

    I'll help you:

    • Safely adjust the bike to your height and comfort level
    • Learn common terms and phrases you'll hear in any cycling class
    • Know what items may be helpful to bring to class
    • Anticipate what to expect in both in-person and virtual cycling classes
    • Get the most out of your cycling workout while you have FUN!

    "This is a great guide for beginners who may feel a little nervous to get started cycling or go to their first group class! Bike set-up info was extremely helpful, as this can be an intimidating part of getting started."
    - Kyleigh

    With this Beginner's Guide to Indoor Cycling, you can confidently walk into any cycling class, safely follow your instructor's directions, and enjoy your workout to the beat of the music!

    Let's ride!